‘Light Source’

The definitive guide for everything you need to know about studio lighting from the ground up.

LightSource is a complete guide to studio lighting for photography, answering all your questions about light, studio lighting and portrait photography. This extensive set of photography tutorials guides you through the fundamental knowledge of light as Karl covers all you need to know about studio lighting, types of studio lighting, flash power and duration, camera settings, equipment and more. With 15 classes on lighting theory and equipment and 45 portrait photography lighting setup examples, you’ll get portrait photography ideas, tips and techniques that provide the knowledge and confidence you need to excel in your photography.

Lighting Theory & Equipment

The fundamentals of studio lighting

This section provides a complete introduction to studio lighting and equipment, whether you’re photographing portraiture, product or fashion. Karl explains essential lighting theory and demonstrates how to use this knowledge to recognise, modify and control light. He also covers useful equipment and accessories for studio photography and how these can be used to best effect.

Studio Portraiture

Step-by-step photography studio lighting setups using 1, 2, 3, & 4 lights

Four Light Setups

Ten creative examples of what you can do with up to four lights using the standard and most common modifiers available.

Location Lighting setups

Get creative on location with these great lighting setups outdoors.

Business Portrait Lighting Setups

As well as the multitude of portrait and beauty lighting covered in this course, here we demonstrate the different approach required for business portraits.

Understanding the Emotion of Light

In this section we explore how to invoke different emotions through the use of light. We also explore the science behind human perception to various lighting ‘looks’.

Natural Light Portraiture

Shoot professional portraits with nothing but natural light and a camera.

Learn natural light photography and how to shoot stunning natural light portraits in this series of classes. You’ll learn about various photography techniques and see numerous natural light photography examples for shooting single subjects, couples, families and children. From outdoor natural light photography tips to how to find the best light for natural light photography, you’ll learn about the different types of natural light photography, how to shoot with natural light indoors and on location and what equipment you’ll need for natural light portraiture.

Portrait Extras

Understand light and develop your skills.

“His delivery, his manner, his ability to convey enthusiasm and to educate, there’s nobody else that speaks like him. The way he teaches people step by step, there is always something to learn… Karl was born to do what he does.”Daniel Killoran, Wedding and Portrait Photographer